Protect your hands with the first Belux Antibacterial Bar soap

Protect your hands with the first Belux Antibacterial Bar soap

Belux has always been trying to be a strong presence in the market to keep pace with the daily needs and requirements of the consumer. In light of the crisis of the Coronavirus, and the increase of the frequent need for sterilization tools, disinfection of hands, soap, etc. belux produced the first sterilization soap and bacterial fighter that protects against germs and eliminate it with complete, as its protection for the skin from any damage that can affect it, like allergies or skin irritation.

Why should I use soap Belux?

- Highly medicinal soap containing many antiseptic ingredients that protect the skin.

- It kills 99,9% of bacteria and germs and strengthens the skin permanently.

- It helps exfoliate dead skin cells that contain bacteria, allow the skin to regenerate and recover.

- It contains glycerin that is essential for perfect hydration and elasticity.

- The soap formula is free from sulfur and petroleum derivatives.

- It cleanses the skin well and nourishes it, which enhances its healthy glow.

- It gives the skin a pleasant smell because it has fresh mint extract.

- It does not damage the skin and maintains its elasticity and combats redness and irritation of the skin.

- It contains anti-bacterial properties, which help to cleanse and purify the skin after each use.

- Its Turkish industry is of high quality and certified with international quality assurance.

Belux Soap ingredients:

- Sodium palmitate

- Sodium chloride

- Tetrasodium

- Glycerin

- Fragrance


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