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Belux launches New Natural Collection Shampoo

Renksan Group under Belux brand ready to launch new collection "Belux Shampoo with Natural Formula" to develop a production line and solve consumer problems, which is a formula rich of natural oils and fruits that provide care and protection for hair from the roots to the ends of hair, under the banner "from natural to you" With love".

The Belux natural shampoo collection contains two groups, each one of them which performs a treatment, function for the hair needs.

The first group is the "Brown group", which a combination of natural oils like Argan oil, Shea butter, and Jojoba oil, to deals with the treatment of hair problems that can affect the roots as Hair loss, dandruff, and oily hair.

The second group is called the "Green group"  it is the extract of avocado, green tea, and litchi fruit, and it is specialized in treat external hair problems like split ends, broken and dull hair.

The packs are characterized by the green and brown color which is inspired from the symbol of “Tree” that needs to pay attention and care from the roots to the leaves to live permanent vitality, and this is what the natural shampoo provides to restore the health and the strength to your hair.