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IMPORTANT Statement - Belux Instant Hand Sanitizer

Recently the guardian news agency published an article complaining about the increase in prices of Belux hand sanitizer in the famous market chain M&S  Marks & Spencer located in the UK.

Therefore we as RG Renksan Group emphasis and committed to the well-known norms and values for our consumers in more than 100 countries the FINE PRICE FAIR QUALITY, and that we continue to deliver the goods of Belux at the promised quality and prices all over the world.

RG didn’t receive any declaration nor questions from the Guardian and any other news agency about anything related to the retail prices published in the photos and we confirm that the prices are connected to many market factors in every market especially customers demand and the market supply along with the high customer's expectations during COVID-19.

 We will be in continuous contact with all our partners around the globe including M&S to guarantee the best service, quality, and price granted by RG vision.

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